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The Move Initiative is a non-profit organization founded by nutrition students at Texas A&M University. It all started with our first branch called AggiesMove, created to bring together nutrition students at Texas A&M and NCAA athletes from all sports. The students and athletes team up to develop nutrition education and physical activities for elementary students throughout the area of Bryan/College Station. As the organization grew, the idea of creating The Move Initiative was born.

In our world today, maintaining a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and physical activity can be difficult for families. Most are not educated on the impact nutrition and physical activity have on our body nor how to properly take care of our bodies each day. We’re here to help change that.

Food should be looked at as fun and something that makes us happy because food is one of the best things ever. However, food and nutrition can sometimes be looked at as a stressful, time consuming and negative thing for individuals and families. This is not what we want to promote. We want to teach kids, teachers and parents about how to make food and nutrition, “fun, functional, and free from stress.”

We don’t care about how many calories you eat every day, and we don’t care about how many calories you burned on your run. At The Move Initiative, we care about balance and moderation. We care about the types of food we are putting into are body and making sure it will help our bodies grow big and strong. We believe in exercise as a relaxing, joyful and stress free activity. We do not believe in exercise as a punishment or as something we “have to do.” These are main points we try to convey to kids, teachers and parents.

AggiesMove located at Texas A&M University, is the first official branch of The Move Initiative, but we want to expand this. The goal is to spread The Move Initiative and our mission to all universities with NCAA divisions because every kid out there needs to hear what we have to say and help them combat what society is telling them about what they eat and how they look. This semester, we will visit two elementary schools in the Bryan/College Station area hoping to make an impact on their lifestyle with nutrition and physical activity. Our first topic will be breakfast, and we will be teaching kids about how eating breakfast is the first thing we should do in the morning to take care of our bodies along with easy and quick breakfast options.

Follow along on our journey as we try to make an impact on these kids’, parents’, and teachers’ lives by showing them everything nutrition and physical activity can do for us.

From our stomach to yours,

The Move Initiative Team

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